Ways to Bond with Your New Baby After Birth

Every mom worries about her baby and whether or not she is doing enough for him or her. One of the most important things is to bond with your baby after birth as this helps the child feel safe and secure and loved, and babies and children who have not bonded with their mother may suffer from problems later on. Children need to be able to trust their parents and feel safe in their environment, so a lack of connection can lead to developmental delays and psychological trauma. It is therefore very important that you form a strong bond with your new baby right away so that it can become a lifelong connection between mother and child.

Hold Your Baby

You may wonder exactly what you should do to establish a strong bond with your baby. One of the first things is to really hold the child close to your skin and look into their eyes. This skin to skin and eye to eye contact will help strengthen the important mother-child connection right from the start. Physical contact helps to reassure the baby and calm them down, as well as let them know that you are there for them and their needs will be met.


Breastfeeding is very important in not only providing the best possible nourishment for the baby but it is an excellent way to forge a bond. The baby will receive comfort and attention and learn that you are the person who loves them and will feed them when they are hungry. Unfortunately, not all women are able to breastfeed for one reason or another, but if this is the case you can still bond with the child while bottle feeding. In the like fashion, you can do this by holding them close to you and talking and touching them.

Time and Sleep

Try to spend lots of time with your baby and give them lots of attention and be sure to pay close attention to facial expressions so that you can learn what the child likes or does not like, so they may also show you if they need to be changed or fed. A good way to stay closely in touch with your baby is to have them sleep in the same room as you, in a bassinet or baby crib. This way if they need anything during the night, you are right there, and they can feel more secure knowing that you are close.

Time and Sleep

Infant Massage

A very good way to calm your baby down, especially at bed time, is to give them an infant massage. You can do this during the day and then for 15 minutes at night which will help to reinforce the bond between the baby and you and will relax the child, so they are likely to sleep more comfortably. These five methods of bonding that we have described will help you to bond with your new baby and ensure that your child feels secure, safe and loved.