Various Forms of Birth

There are different forms of birth that are possible and you may decide to choose according to your feelings and medical requirements. These factors may persuade you to perhaps give birth at home, in water or at the hospital. The method you choose should come down to your personal preference and a sensible consideration of any advice from your doctor. In some cases, where there is a high risk of complications, you will likely be advised to give birth in a hospital and it would be sensible to heed such advice. Another consideration is whether to have a normal vaginal birth or caesarean (C-section) delivery. Though you may opt for a vaginal birth, complications may require you to have a C-section so be open to what is ultimately best for you and your baby. Giving birth at home and a water birth are both normal deliveries; a C-section can only be performed in a hospital setting.


Home Births

Giving birth at home is becoming more popular among women although the number is still lower than 3%. Midwives that are certified with the Midwives Alliance of North America will have the needed equipment, tools and skills to ensure a successful home delivery. Medical insurance will sometimes cover the cost of a home birth, which is often actually much cheaper than a hospital birth, but it’s a good idea to find out what the rules are where you live and ensure that you do have a certified midwife. The other factor with home delivery is that you may end up having to transfer to a hospital if complications set in, so although you may want a normal home vaginal birth, you need to realize that there could be a chance you will need to change your plans. The health of you and your baby is important and you should be willing to transfer if you need to.

Water Birth

Some women choose to have a water birth which is simply where you give birth in a tub of warm water. Labor in warm water has been shown to relax and calm the mother more and also provides good buoyancy for her. Since the mother is calmer and it is easier for her to change position during labor, it is believed that this helps make the delivery of the baby easier. However, it is essential that you have a suitably qualified professional in attendance, so select a certified midwife who has experience with the process. This whole experience is thought by many to be especially beneficial to the baby but there is a chance that a stressed baby may gasp for air and inhale water, thus emphasizing again the importance of having a very experienced midwife who will detect if the baby needs help.

Water Birth

Hospital Delivery

A hospital delivery is the most common option for women today and there are many benefits, especially if there are complications with the birth. The mother can have a natural delivery or a C-section in a hospital setting, and at short notice if required. Of course, a woman may find a hospital to be very cold and clinical, but certainly in a high risk pregnancy, the hospital will likely be your best and safest option. Choosing how to give birth is an important decision to make, and you should weigh the pros and cons of all the various forms, keeping in mind that the unexpected can happen.