The Third Trimester Survival Guide

Within the three trimesters of pregnancy, there are a number of changes you experience. By the time you reach your second trimester, you are relieved the first is behind you. A decrease in morning sickness and mood swings is followed by a glowing complexion and luxurious locks. This golden period of Pregnancy is well noted as the happiest for most. You can comfortably enjoy baby kicks while exploring the joys of maternity. After a few quick glorious months, you will enter into what is known as the Triumphs and Trials of the Third Trimester.

The Third Trimester of your Pregnancy is full of excitement, anticipation and interesting albeit potentially humorous moments. There are ins and outs along with tips of the Pregnancy trade that have proven helpful during the last few months. A Third Trimester Survival Guide can help you see the last few months of your Pregnancy from a whole new perspective.

Survival Guide

You will notice when one Third trimester trait ends, the next one begins. It becomes difficult to know which came first as they cycle through the day. Insomnia for instance is triggered by several aspects such as uncomfortable positions, bathroom breaks and heartburn. Looking at each separately, you can gain control of your own comfort levels.


With dwindling space in your body comes the prevalence of heartburn. Despite your cravings, avoid spicy or greasy foods and sugary snacks. If even drinking water gives you heartburn, try taking smaller sips and well chewed bites. Some have found it helpful to put your arms above your head after you eat and walk around for a few minutes. This elongates your system and relieves some of the pressure. Do not take antacids without the direction of your Obstetrician.

Swollen Spaces

It is common for ankles, hands and limbs to swell until you feel like a puffer fish. Please note if it is severe edema, seek advice from a doctor as it could indicate a more serious issue. For the average swelling, double check your salt intake, elevate your legs and avoid standing for extended periods of time. Massaging the areas will help as will drinking plenty of water. Restricting clothes, shoes and socks can also incite swelling and should be avoided.


Insomnia can be minimized by reducing your food and beverage intake an hour before sleeping. A fan in the room, extra pillows and assisting the symptoms will help you to feel well rested and ready for the day.

Care to be Comfy

Its hard to sit, stand and lie down towards the end of your Pregnancy. You are sensitive to your surroundings and the rapid changes in your body. Here’s a few items to have on hand and close by.

  • Body Pillow- Helps adjust sleeping/sitting positions. (cool gel is helpful)
  • Water Bottle- Keeps plenty of nice chilled water at your fingertips.
  • Frozen Washcloth- Cool down quick when a heat wave begins.
  • Mints- Helps with nausea and restlessness
  • Slip on Shoes- A saving grace in lieu of tying your shoes.
  • Feminine Pads- Discharge and leakages are never intentional. Pads or liners will prevent any embarrassment or stains.