Smart Planning Tips During Your Pregnancy

As your third trimester progresses, there are two key words that will become your new mantra…” plan ahead”. The secret to a successful transition from pregnancy to parenthood will lie in the level of planning you have in place. It is easy to let time slip away with the famous phrase “I’ll do it tomorrow”. The third trimester is the most difficult for most women as the days seem to last longer than they did a month before. While your body is preparing for birth, you may experience discomfort and tiredness making it even harder to get through our to do list. The basic preparations are easy to remember, yet there are a few commonly missed factors you will want to add to your Plans.

The Plan of Preparation

Having your hospital bag packed and ready to go is important, however it is not the only item to check off your list. There are many details to consider making it imperative to start planning ahead.

Baby’s Room and the Shower– Before completely setting up your baby’s room, it is a good idea to incorporate items from your baby shower. Preliminary steps such as painting, cribs or furniture and flooring can be completed in advance. Organizing will be a simpler task once you see what and how many of each item you have. When setting up your space, keep in mind you will be recovering and most likely tired. Creating an efficient area to care for your newborn will eliminate extra steps. It is a savvy tip to store daily items nearby. This avoids the possibility of the baby left unsupervised along with making it easier for parents.

Essential Items– There are many instances when new parents will install safety covers for outlets at home and arrive at the hospital without a car seat. These types are oversights are caused by nervously trying to ensure everything is done. Planning ahead logically will prevent mishaps and forgotten necessities. It is important to understand wat the first month at home will look like. It is common for a house to be setup perfectly for a six month old, yet newborns are a different scenario. From feeding to bathing and sleeping arrangements, plan ahead for the needs of a newborn. Younger infants require umbilical cord care, sleep and eat more often with an amount of diapers needed to match. Comfortable changes of clothes, supplies and small blankets are handy to have readily available. Extra will be the theme of your nursery or layette for several months. Properly installing the car seat prior to your last two weeks of pregnancy is ideal. Keep your bag in the car or by the door and get as much rest as you can before the big day.

Baby bed
Baby bed

With the priority of a plan, you can minimize unnecessary stress during the celebratory moment you realize you are in labor. The day will be filled with both emotion and excitement that does not leave room for details. Once the whirlwind begins, you will have the peace of mind knowing you are fully prepared.