Preparing Your Body and Mind for Labor

Having a baby is the most exciting yet scary time for a Mother. In the third trimester, parents to be begin preparing for the arrival of their newborn. You will find an overwhelming amount of information in books and online. There is detailed lists to follow in regards to at home checklists and what to bring to the hospital for the special day. There is a grey area that seems to get glazed over. You will find plenty of informative details about how to tell when you are in labor, the stages of labor and all of the after care instructions. An important aspect of childbirth is how to prepare for the labor itself.

Unless you are a lucky few, the Laboring process can be a long and difficult journey. It will affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.  Getting ready for a sizable event of that magnitude takes more than a couple of weeks. The ultimate goal is to best prepare yourself for childbirth. A packed suitcase, diaper bag and a nested clean house will not cover the toll that Labor will have on your Mind and Body.


It is common in the third trimester to have difficulty sleeping. Even though you may feel ok at the moment, it is imperative you rest as long as often as you are able to. The amount of energy used during labor requires extra stamina you may not have if you are exhausted.

Health and Fitness

Eating healthy and keeping a light fitness regimen is not only good for your baby, it is a good way to get ready for childbirth. The proper nutrients and avoiding greasy foods will help to sustain energy while maintaining strength through gentle exercises will assist your Body while laboring. Walking and flexing your muscle groups are non-invasive techniques you can try.

Ready Your Mind

You have most likely read all there is to read on the topic of Lamaze and labor. Having all of the information will eliminate any surprises while you are at the hospital. Readying your Mind includes being informed, yet it additionally applies to your frame of Mind as well. Experts suggest meditation can help you to absorb your surroundings without feeling overwhelmed. Anxiety and depression can peak in the last weeks and it is important to balance those factors in advance.

Feel Your Best

It may sound strange in the light of childbirth; however, it is imperative to take care of yourself. Getting a manicure or having a mini spa day at home has positive benefits psychologically. When you have the sense that you are at your best you also feel confident and less vulnerable. During labor, this small gesture will have an inspiring impact.

Being a mother is truly the happiest experience you can imagine, however it easy to forget you are not only a pregnant Mom. Your own health and wellbeing is vital to ensuring a successful and healthy delivery. Preparing your Mind and Body for the forty week mark is simple to do while making an extravagant difference in how you feel.