How to Sleep Comfortably While Pregnant

Being pregnant can be very uncomfortable, especially as the pregnancy progresses and the baby gets bigger. Not only does the child put pressure on your bladder but it can be difficult to get comfortable enough to sleep. You may experience nausea, indigestion, back pain and leg cramps while trying to sleep, in addition to just feeling worried or excited! Eventually the baby will also start to move more and may be kicking you during the night which can all lead to you having interrupted rest. Getting enough sleep is important for everyone, in order to promote a healthy body, but especially for pregnant women who are responsible for their developing baby. Naturally then it is very important that you are able to sleep comfortably while you are pregnant.


Sleep on the Left

The best possible sleep position is to lie on your left side which is also known as the SOS position. Being on your left is preferred because this position increases the flow of blood and therefore nutrients to the developing baby. It is useful to put a pillow between your legs and to bend your knees and legs when you are in this position. Putting a pillow underneath your abdomen may also be beneficial. If you do find that you become short of breath you can always use pillows to prop yourself up higher in the bed and arranging pillows around your body to increase your comfort and to keep your body supported on your left side, is a great idea.


Stay On Your Side

Shortness of breath may come on later in pregnancy as the baby becomes larger so remember sleeping on your side takes pressure off your major blood vessels and other organs. Once you reach your third trimester you may consider wearing a maternity belt to provide added support to your belly and back and help to alleviate back pain by correcting your posture. Another helpful measure is to wear a maternity bra which will provide more support and allow for increased comfort of the breasts, which in turn can lead to more satisfactory sleep.

Stay On Your Side

Avoid Bad Positions

Just as there is a preferred position for better sleep, there is also a position that should be avoided when pregnant. Sleeping on your back is not recommended because this may cause problems, such as digestive issues, backache and hemorrhoids as well as putting pressure on your stomach and intestines and possibly straining your back. In addition, this position can cause a drop in blood pressure as the position of the baby puts pressure on your major blood vessels which in turn may lead to both you and the baby experiencing decreased blood circulation, clearly not healthy. It makes sense that you want your baby to have an optimal circulation at all times and that your own wellbeing will benefit from good circulation. Remember that the baby is obtaining oxygen and nutrients from you through the placenta, so if your circulation is not good then this will directly impact the baby. Following these simple suggestions should help you to sleep more comfortably while you are pregnant and feel healthy and happy as a result.