Food to Avoid While Pregnant and Why

Being pregnant is such an exciting time for both partners. The changes to the family dynamics are incredible and every day of the pregnancy is a marvelous journey, especially for the expectant mother. Anticipation for this new life builds as does the realization that there is much that needs to be prepared. However, pregnant women have to be very careful about lots of things during this delicate time in order to stay healthy for both themselves and the growing baby. There are plenty of suggestions in the media and online about what foods and drinks a pregnant woman should avoid or take during the pregnancy. This can get overwhelming and you may be unsure of which advice to follow. We have listed some of the foods to avoid while pregnant in order to help you and your child to have a good start.


While fish is normally a very healthy option that is recommended by most nutritionists, there are some types of fish that should be avoided during pregnancy. Here we are talking about the types of fish that are high in mercury, like tuna, mackerel, swordfish and shark. The levels of mercury in these fish is not normally dangerous but it is well known that the substance can interfere with the nervous system. During pregnancy the woman´s body is much more sensitive to chemicals and therefore it is better to abstain from fish for the baby´s health. Some experts even recommend avoiding fish until the baby is weaned.

Raw Meats

While meat is a very good source of protein, and there are thousands of recipes out there, some of them include raw or undercooked fish or meat. They are very tasty, but it is well-understood that these recipes are better prepared by professionals in restaurants and not even then can you be sure that they’re safe. The main problem is that meat can be a source of microbes and parasites, which is why, though it may be a delicious choice normally, it is best to eat well cooked meat and fish while pregnant.

Raw Eggs and Milk

These can be found in many recipes like homemade ice cream and mayonnaise. They are yummy but risky. We have all heard about the Salmonella epidemics during the summer when the eggs in these recipes go bad. This kind of infection is very aggressive, so it is better to avoid raw eggs and recipes that incorporate them, especially while with child. Raw and unpasteurized products like milk, cheese and fruit juice are well-known for having various nutrients and vitamins but they can also be a source of infection and food poisoning. Accordingly, it is safer to refrain from these raw products while pregnant in order to make sure that all the food you eat is perfectly safe. Make sure that you have washed fruit thoroughly, if you want to make a homemade juice. Following these tips should lead to a healthy pregnancy and a happy baby.

Raw Eggs and Milk